Wellout is a challenging retro platform game.

You've been abducted by an evil wizard who wants you to mine his caves for coins, with which you can pay for your freedom. There are four caves in increasing challenginity, though you must pay the gatekeeper first to advance to the next cave.

The game is very much still being worked out, although there are quite a few levels that can be played as is. The shops and evil wizard/story elements have yet to be added, as well as cosmetic work.

The idea is that you start out with just one life, but you can purchase more. In this test version, you start with 50 lives.

Use the arrow keys to move around and the down arrow key to interact. Press space to stop/play a random song. Feedback is very welcome.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Made withGodot
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Arcade, challenging, Difficult, Pixel Art, Retro


wellout_linux.zip 31 MB
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Extremely cosy and relaxing gameplay, I really enjoyed the smooth movement.

movement is way too slippery

Sound on Chrome doesn't work due to Chrome's autoplay restrictions. This will be worked around at some point.

So controls sorta work on chrome now, but for me at least the jump and screen transitions (as well as just falling) are really buggy and glitch out consistently.


Hey! Fun game. I like how every time the wizard sends you off, the map is different.
This was probably already mentioned, but the spikes gave me a real hard time. They don't stick out visually as something not part of the background, and I can never really tell where the collider is placed, so it's hard to estimate if I'll make it without being sent back to the start all over again.
But I love that after the segment is done, it leads you back to the gate. It's a fun little almost training-like feeling. As if you were being mentored - or punished, until you've got it right :D I also like the challenge of getting to those impossible looking places for the golden coins :)

The golden coins are definitely going to be an achievement hunt. They are all gatherable, but not always in an obvious way.

The collider on the spikes is a triangle slightly slimmer than the spikes, You should not be able to trigger a collision unless you're touching a spike. I'm going to see if I can make the spikes a little bit more menacing.

When you enter a portal, you currently get 2 randomly selected levels from that particularly difficulty. I was thinking about making the player start out with 2 levels per run, but adding 1 for every level of new game+ the player has achieved. Making it harder and harder to (re-)finish the game. You would also start off with just one life and have the ability to buy more by visiting randomly populated shops that sometimes get inserted into your levels run.

Incidentally, it's not the wizard who sends you off, but Greg, the gatekeeper. Have you paid him yet?

Thank you for your feedback!

Ahh, I see.

Thanks for the explanation. Fun anyway!

I've made the spikes slightly more menacing now. Would you mind having a look and telling me if they're more obvious now?

Hey, that's cool. However, the current upload was glitchy, at least for me, couldn't really move anywhere. Not sure if its my computer or the upload. But i'll be glad to check it out once it works!

Oh my. I had tested it in Firefox but not Chrome, it looks well messed up in Chrome. I'll check it out.

It was the new dust particle system that was causing the problems in Chrome. I've disabled it for now until I can figure out why. The spikes remain menacing, however.

Love the art, the spinning coin looks really cool for a 4x4 sprite! I stopped after trying the fourth mine for about 10 minutes. The level design is good, though a bit on the sadistic side :P

Having some dust effect when landing or jumping would help a bit with all those long jumps that require you to jump after you run off the platform. Also, I think the spikes don't look menacing enough. When I first started playing, I kept accidentally running into spikes because they didn't look like they were an obstacle.

Thanks for your feedback!

Most of the art isn't mine, but from this tileset. I've added the gatekeeper, the portal, the spikes, the additional wall tiles and some other bits.

With the dust effect do you mean you would use it for timing so that you can know when you can jump again immediately after landing? Because you autojump as long as you keep the jump button pressed.

The fourth mine is the nightmare mine; I'm planning it to be optional. I'm still thinking on how to set up the main game campaign.

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For the dust effect, it would help me by better seeing my horizontal positions for jumps I did successfully so I know roughly where to jump in future.

The autojump I noticed and it was actually kind of annoying :P

Do you pick 2 random levels out of a pool of possible levels for each trip to the mines right now? I thought that was pretty cool, it's like a roguelike structure but instead of the entire game being a roguelike, each single trip to the mines was like a mini roguelike experience.

Edit: Oops, should have read the comment above about the random level selection.

I'm still not entirely sure what you mean with the dust effect. Do you want it on jump/land, or on moving left/right or both?

I can add an option to disable autojump. 

The mining runs are intended to be little roguelite experiences! I'm glad you found that. They will be even more so after the next update when you'll have only one life to start with and lose all your current-run coins when you die.

I think jump/land would help me, horizontal movement probably not? E.g. in Celeste, there's small dust clouds when you jump, land, and wall jump.

I've now added jump/land dust patches. I hope they help!

I liked the game a lot. There were things I didn't like though:

I think it'd be great if the player could decide how high the jump could be. that'd make platforming a lot tighter. No background music? how come? that's all this cute game is missing bro! There are a ton of free online resources you could use. I'll be making a demo of my game, hopefully people will play it :D. Keep it up!

There is background music! How are you playing the game? Try pressing space (the background music stops after finishing a song currently, unless you start it up again).

I went with a specific height jump because it would allow me to go with a certain kind of level design. If I changed that now, all the levels would have to be adjusted. The lack of influence in how high you can jump is part of the difficulty.

I'd love to see a link to your demo once it's up!

ohhh I see. Please add gamepad support. I'd be really lovely :D. In a few days from now I'll make sure I have 3 demosnofbthe games I have been making. Hope you and people like hand-drawn games. 

I am also looking forward to learning Godot too :). I use GameMaker studio 1 and 2 for my game. 

Gamepad support is available, but not for the HTML5 version because of some issues with Chrome.

great. I'll give it a try tomorrow.  Btw, I started using Godot and have a game already :D!! I joined the Godot wild jam 2, so I'll be posting my game soon ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿ™‹

Controls feel excellent, maybe a bit too sensitive. Main character could use some flavor. Really good art otherwise.

Most of the art isn't mine, but from this tileset. I've added the gatekeeper, the portal, the spikes, the additional wall tiles and some other bits.

I would like to known how to develop games like your game.

the game looks great, even though the controls are a little buggy.

the pixel art looks so good.

I'm constantly on the look out for talented people to work with.

If you can provide me with your e-mail or discord ID, I would like to get in contact with you.

Do you mean the controls are buggy when played through Chrome, or are you experiencing other control bugs?

My discord is: Buck#6049

Thanks for the feedback!

pls fix chrome, i like the idea but this game is buggy as hell

The controls have been fixed in chrome now